Dear Herding Enthusiast:
On behalf of the St. Louis Herding Club, thank you for taking an interest in our organization. The
accompanying materials, the Constitution, by-laws and membership application, have been compiled to
furnish you with more detailed information about membership in the St. Louis Herding Club. Please read
this material and feel free to ask any questions you might have about the club.

Frequently at our meetings, special practice events or fun trials; we offer the opportunity to work you dog
on livestock. In order to participate in these events, you MUST be a member of the club.
You need not own a purebred herding dog to join the Club. Mixed breed owners are welcome, however,
dogs with herding backgrounds are our main focus and concern. Our members have a diversified interest
in the “Dog World”, herding, obedience, agility, conformation, flyball, and tracking.
If, after reading the Constitution and by-laws, you would like to submit your membership application, it
should be accompanied by a check for $15.00 for an individual membership, or $20.00 for a family

The SLHC requests that regular and prospective members consider the associate membership if they
anticipate that they can not regularly attend meetings. We must have a quorum to conduct club business.
The quorum is based upon the number of regular members. An associate member does not have voting
rights, but enjoys all other benefits of club membership, access to the library and other club material, and
participation in club events. Please consider this when mark your completed application.

Your application will be processed upon receipt. It must be signed by two sponsoring members of the
club and read at two club meetings before your application will be voted on.

Whether you have one dog or several, the SLHC wants members who are responsible, ethical dog owners,
who are dedicated to the welfare of their canine friends. We look forward to hearing from you on or
before our next meeting.

Would you be willing to volunteer to become an associate member(Required)