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The AKC, AHBA and ASCA organizations allow for many different herding breeds to participate in their herding trials.  Before entering any organization's herding trial,  please verify that your breed is eligible to participate.

The list of herding breeds has been updated.  Please check our webpage for the most recent list.




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Ed Bruemmer Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Eileen Wilson and Pippa


Whether you live in the country or reside in a large city, herding is an activity now readily available to everyone.  There are many herding breeds, both registered and non-registered, within the St. Louis Herding Club membership.  Our club works for its' membership to provide many herding opportunities and encourages active participation.

While a variety of stock may be used for training (such as cattle and ducks), the sheep's strong flocking instinct makes them the most popular. We sponsor herding clinics, trials, tests and fun matches.  See our E-News page for the latest Club information and the archive for our Shepherd's Whistle newsletter.  We offer educational materials at our meetings and have a library of videos and books for our membership to enjoy.  We have members who are new to herding as well as those who are experienced handlers.  Many own their own livestock while others plan to in the future.

Nestle Purina Farms provides a beautiful setting, good facilities and sheep to work for most of the St. Louis Herding Club's activities.  Nestle Purina Farms is also host for many prestigious herding events each year.  By attending these, you will also become familiar with herding organizations such as AHBA, AKC, USBCHA, and ASCA.

The St. Louis Herding Club offers you a chance to further your herding knowledge.  It also gives your dog an opportunity to apply his or her natural ability and to build a true working partnership with you.


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